Tina Newby


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More than a Realtor®. I'm an advocate for your life's biggest moments!

About Tina Newby

Tina Newby -Mom, Advocate, Realtor.

Tina stands for

T Tenacious

I Intelligent

N Nurturing

A Advocate

Tina Newby approaches
her real estate business in a unique way. She tries to not only find people the
home of their dreams. She works to find the house that becomes their home, their safe haven, the spot memories will be
made in. Tina also works to help homeowners understand the value of
their home choice location and the benefits of the surrounding neighborhood

Tina Newby is a pint
size dynamo. Once you meet her you’ll understand her passion and her
purpose in the real estate world. Over the last six months she’s been featured
on many local television stations and featured in a variety of newspapers and
magazines because she does things a little differently. Features have aired on
ABC, CBS, Fox 13, Bay News 9, Great Day Live, been seen in the Tampa Bay Times,
Land 'O Lakes Magazine, and a national spotlight in the Realtor Magazine.

Tina Newby is a
relationship builder in the community.

She sets herself
apart by doing a bi-monthly talk show which she calls

"Tina Talks"
where she engages with local business leaders and entrepreneurs to talk about
their businesses. This gives them a chance to showcase what they do and how
they do it. This can be seen on her Tina Newby face book page.

Another unique aspect
of her Real Estate approach is that she mixes home sales with meal time. That's
right. We all have to eat. One of the biggest focal points of a home is
the kitchen. Tina focuses on a home's kitchen by actually preparing a meal in
it to showcase the ease of appliance set up and island location and it's a hit.
She calls it,"Home Cooked Real Estate." In these segments she shares her
passion for cooking and family meal time. Her family is all involved. Her
husband acts as Director and Videographer. Her two daughters act as sous chefs
and prep helpers. It's a family affair and they've been featured in many local
media pieces. Every time she shares a new episode on her social media channels
her followers are excited about a new recipe to try.

You are in good hands
with Tina as you begin your house selling or purchase journey. It’s an
exciting, daunting & challenging time. Tina is aware of that. She will work
diligently and efficiently to make it an enjoyable and happy occasion. You
will be happy when that For Sale or Sold sign goes up!